What we do

Our efforts are centered around four key commitments:

Rhine Campus Novartis


Sustainability and wellbeing are at the core of everything we do. We believe that sustainability is a fundamental part of excellent design, and apply our collective expertise to create beautiful, healthy, environmentally friendly spaces that people can enjoy both now and in the future.

Collective engagement

Stakeholder engagement is key to our design process. We begin every project with a bespoke stakeholder engagement plan, and use a range of tools to engender excitement and secure buy-in, from models, diagrams and visualisations to virtual reality workshops that offer stakeholders a 3D glimpse into a particular space.

Shared responsibility

Our services include design team management so you can concentrate on the project at hand. Our team members assume shared responsibility for resolving issues as they arise, responding to the project’s unique opportunities and constraints, and delivering excellent project outcomes.

Excellent service

We’re committed to developing your brief, testing it for buildability and driving the best possible project value. We will develop our working relationship with you through face-to-face meetings and open, consistent lines of communication. The people you encounter at the beginning of a scheme will be the people you work with throughout its lifespan.